WE are recruiting!!

We are currently looking for team members and team leaders for 2023!! 

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MEET THE TEAM - here is our 2022 Team:

Tobi is Sustainability Coordinator at UWC RBC. Before that, he lived in Wales and worked as a renewable energy expert. Looong before that, he went to UWC in India. He’s passionate about solar panels, wind turbines, digging ponds (he might ask you to help digging when you’re on campus!) and making pizza at the school’s oven (he might ask you to help make pizza dough when you’re on campus!). Tobi was part of the Summer Camp last year and is looking forward to meeting a new group of enthusiastic participants in 2022.

Heya, I’m Clara! I just completed my degree in Sustainable Development & Geography at the University of Edinburgh. Some of the topics I particularly love learning and talking about include cooperatives, community land ownership (and Scottish land policy and reform – perhaps a bit niche), degrowth, and urban inequalities. More generally, just throw the word ‘geography’ into a sentence, and you’ve got my attention. Outside of the lecture theatres and the library, I can usually be found outdoors – hiking, camping, gardening – or completely absorbed in some craftsy project. I have been involved with multiple summer courses in the past and always love learning and discovering more about sustainable cities alongside participants!

I am Lea, from Vienna, where I am currently doing a Masters in Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy. Besides studying, I also work at the University of Vienna on topics broadly related to sustainability in organisations, cities, and welfare states. I look forward to getting to know the participants and discussing the social implications of (sustainable) city planning!

Hi hi everyone! My name is Paula and I am from Ecuador. I just finished my master’s studies in Environmental Governance in Freiburg and I am now in the job-seeking process (and actually excited about it!). I am interested in topics such as sustainable food systems, water governance, indigenous peoples’ rights, and more! I really enjoy sports, especially tennis and padle. I also really enjoy hiking and biking (for which is awesome to live in Freiburg :D). It is the third summer I will be spending facilitating summer courses on the topics of sustainability and I am sure this one will also come with great amounts of learning and growing for me and for all of you! Hasta pronto! 

Hi everyone, my name is John. I was born and raised in Austin, Texas (United States). I studied Biology at St. Edward’s University in Austin and later Forest Sciences at the Albert-Ludwig University of Freiburg, or Uni Freiburg as most people call it. I love spending time outside whether on foot, on two wheels (cycling, that is!), or splashing about in the water. I enjoy reading, traveling, learning new languages, meeting new people as well as spending time with old friends, but, most of all, I just love to learn! As a returning SCSC team member, I look forward to meeting you all, welcoming you to Freiburg, and together exploring sustainable cities for the future ahead!

Thomas Drössel has worked as the Chief Financial Officer of RBC since December 2015. Before this, he spent 17 years working for Robert Bosch GmbH in various positions in Germany as well as South Korea. He is married and looks forward to being part of the Summer Camp in Freiburg and Heilbronn again this year!

Ines works at RBC as a PR and Communications Manager while completing a Master’s degree in English Literature at Freiburg University at the same time. She was part of the team preparing last year’s summer camp and is excited to join the team for the entire camp this year!